Hazard Analysis

Hazard Analysis & CCP Determination

HACCP Software allows users to easily conduct detailed and pertinent hazard analysis through the Hazard Analysis Module. By using the build-in decision-tree based on the Codex Alimentarius guidance, users can quickly identify CCP’s without difficulty and ensure that corrective measures are taken. Through a built in Supporting Documents Tool, users can also easily attach any supporting and validating documents.

  • Detailed Analysis Detailed Analysis

    By following our Hazard Analysis workflow users can easily conduct detailed and pertinent hazard analysis and keep a record of the necessary corrective measures.

  • Risk Assessment Risk Assessment

    A comprehensive risk assessment is integrated into the Hazard Analysis workflow, enabling users to ensure all risks are accuratley evaluated and documented.

  • Easy Monitoring Easy Monitoring

    Our Built in CCP and Monitoring Details tool allows users to continiously and thoroughly monitor CCP’s effortlessly.